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New Offerings Released at Alfa Chemistry: Isoquinoline Alkaloids, Pyridine Alkaloids, and Phenylethylamine Alkaloids

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New Offerings Released at Alfa Chemistry: Isoquinoline Alkaloids, Pyridine Alkaloids, and Phenylethylamine Alkaloids

May 16
23:04 2023

New York, USA – May 16, 2023 – Known for their extraordinarily antiparasitic, antiplasmodial, anticorrosive, antioxidative, antibacterial, anti-HIV, and insecticidal activities, alkaloids have found wonderful use in the pharmaceutical and medicinal filed as well as the human food and drink industry. To cater to the growing market demand for such type of chemicals, Alfa Chemistry recently announced a decision to open a new production line for isoquinoline alkaloids, pyridine alkaloids, and phenylethylamine alkaloids.

After this move, nearly 100 hundred alkaloids will be readily available to Alfa Chemistry’s new and existing customers worldwide.

“Natural products are underrepresented in drug discoveries. However, the past decade has seen a growing interest in developing natural products, especially alkaloids, into potential therapeutic agents. As a matter of fact, alkaloids showed quite diverse medicinal properties, making them perfect as pharmaceutical candidates,” said one of the senior scientists from Alfa Chemistry. “For instance, morphine is one of the most known alkaloids which had been used and still is for medical purposes. This alkaloid is a powerful narcotic used for the relief of pain. Other well-known alkaloids used in clinical settings include strychnine, quinine, ephedrine, and nicotine.”

Isoquinoline Alkaloids

Isoquinoline alkaloids are known for their wide range of structural diversity and biological activity. Their bioactivities expressed in antitumor, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory aspects make them of great importance to humans. The isoquinoline alkaloids provided by Alfa Chemistry include: Noroxyhydrastinine (CAS 21796-14-5), (R)-Coclaurine (CAS 2196-60-3), Thalrugosaminine (CAS 22226-73-9), Neferine (CAS 2292-16-2), Norisoboldine (CAS 23599-69-1), Liensinine perchlorate (CAS 2385-63-9), Demethyleneberberine (CAS 25459-91-0), 8-Azabicyclo[3.2.1]octan-3-one Hydrochloride (CAS 25602-68-0), Pseudocoptisine (acetate)(CAS 30426-66-5), Berberine sulphate (CAS 316-41-6), etc.

Pyridine Alkaloids

Isolated from plant, marine and other sources, pyridine alkaloids perform many different functions in nature, such as training pheromones and defense mechanisms in insects. Their wide range of biological activities also makes them attractive to the natural product chemistry and medicinal chemistry communities. Some of the pyridine alkaloids supplied by Alfa Chemistry are: Triptonine B (CAS 168009-85-6), Symphytine (CAS 22571-95-5), Euonymine (CAS 33458-82-1), Cytisine (CAS 485-35-8), Nornicotine (CAS 5746-86-1), Trigonelline hydrochloride (CAS 6138-41-6), Methyl 1,2,5,6-tetrahydropyridine-3-carboxylate hydrochloride (CAS 6197-39-3), etc.

Phenylethylamine Alkaloids

Phenylethylamine alkaloids are highly abundant in many plants, and researchers have successfully isolated large amounts of phenylethylamine alkaloids from Lithospermum, Leguminosae, Liliaceae and Rutaceae. They have strong biological activities and are able to constrict blood vessels in the cardiovascular system and protect against X-ray radiation. Hordenine and syfinerine are the two most common phenylethylamine alkaloids. Other phenylethylamine alkaloids available from Alfa Chemistry include: Methylhomoveratrylamine (CAS 3490-06-0), Tyramine (CAS 51-67-2), Hordenine (CAS 539-15-1), Phenylephrine (CAS 59-42-7), Levodopa (CAS 59-92-7), Tyramine Hydrochloride (CAS 60-19-5), (-)-Synephrine (CAS 614-35-7), Phenylephrine hydrochloride (CAS 61-76-7), Adrenalone hydrochloride (CAS 62-13-5), Octopamine hydrochloride (CAS 770-05-8), N-Ethyl-p-methoxy-alpha-methylphenethylamine hydrochloride (CAS 93963-24-7), Synephrine (CAS 94-07-5), etc.

Please visit https://alkaloids.alfa-chemistry.com to learn more.


Aiming high, Alfa Chemistry has been constantly improving its chemical and analytical testing offerings. To provide the most affordable and high quality alkaloids to researchers and companies interested in exploring the potential of alkaloids, a new website has now been launched to serve such purposes. In the coming years, Alfa Chemistry will continue to develop technology and implement innovations to provide better products and services to academia and industry.

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