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Islamic Dream Book becomes a reliable resource for dream interpretations

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Islamic Dream Book becomes a reliable resource for dream interpretations

December 28
04:10 2022
Islamic Dream Book is an online platform where visitors can find accurate interpretations of their dreams and make better life decisions.

Islamic Dream Book is a great online resource for Islamic dream interpretation that helps its audience understand and interpret their dreams’ real meaning. Dreams are often vague and sometimes misleading, but their correct interpretation could help a person know if any danger or good incident is waiting in the future. This paradox of dreams has puzzled mankind for hundreds of years. Islamic Dream Book comes up with historical references and evidence backed by Islamic scholars to make better interpretations of dreams.

Speaking to the media, the spokesperson of the company said, “Some people underestimate the significance of dreams by completely disregarding them while others make too much of them and make every decision in their life based on a dream. Both the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, highlight that some dreams have symbols and meanings.”

The Prophet, peace be upon him, categorized dreams into three types:

1.  Vision or true dream that is from God;

2.  A false dream which comes from the devil

3. A Meaningless everyday dream which could come from one’s lower self or subconscious thoughts 

Currently, there are 6000 dream interpretations, and within a year, it has gained popularity by helping with more than 2500+ dreams to almost 100,000 users worldwide, differently from 50+ countries. The interpretations are authentic because they are fully referenced from the work of Muhammad Ibn Sirin, a 7th-century Muslim scholar and an interpreter of dreams. His notable work includes Tafsir al-Ahlam al-Kabir (Great Book of Interpretation of Dreams). 

Islamicdreambook.com is more like a “dream dictionary” where users can simply search for the interpretation of their dream by putting the relevant keywords in the search bar. The future plan of the platform is to help a maximum number of people around the globe have a better understanding of dreams based on Islam’s teachings.

About Company:

Islamic Dream Book is an index of dreams interpretation for the Muslim ummah. Mohammad Muneer, the platform founder, aims to take this resource to a maximum number of people worldwide. 

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