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Australia opens the new energy bitcoin mining method

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Australia opens the new energy bitcoin mining method

November 07
19:36 2022

In Australia, as one of the few developed countries with significant renewable energy potential and a low population, it is uniquely positioned to leverage this feature for a bitcoin mining transition. Using current technology and existing sites, at least 670 gigawatt-hours of solar and wind energy could be harvested annually, the equivalent of more than 100 times global energy demand, the Carbon Tracker Initiative said in a new report.

There is still much debate about how Bitcoin consumes energy, what the source of that energy is, and whether it is really as environmentally damaging as many have pointed out.

Recently, new dynamics have emerged on the real consumption of Australia’s power grid. Some studies have shown that most power grids have zero carbon emissions in mining, which is undoubtedly good news for the cryptocurrency industry.

AUS CRYPTO MINING is a solar-powered bitcoin mining company backed by Australia, specializing in customer service. The mine has established data centers in Whyalla, Perth, Byron Bay, etc. Due to the unique energy advantages of AUS CRYPTO MINING, it can provide sufficient services to the world and strive to become the world’s largest mine.

Bitcoin mining has been a topic of conversation when it comes to energy consumption. At a time when the world is desperately trying to reduce its energy consumption, “Bitcoin consumes more energy per year than a medium-sized country like Argentina.” , which has caused a lot of opposition to bitcoin mining, and how to achieve 0 emissions from mining has been a big issue for the bitcoin mining community.

Australian Minister of State for Trade and Investment Nick Champion said that the fact that the mine runs on solar energy is important and shows that bitcoin power generation can be more environmentally friendly and have a much less negative impact on nature, which is worth advocating and supporting.

The rapid growth of new energy bitcoin mines will also be an important factor in driving the economy, with Senator Andrew Bragg – who heads the committee – noting that by implementing a comprehensive cryptocurrency framework in Australia, it may then be competing with leading countries such as the US, Singapore and the UK, and even be in a good position for a new round of competition.

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