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Creative Biolabs: Taking the Lead in Small Molecule Hapten Discovery

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Creative Biolabs: Taking the Lead in Small Molecule Hapten Discovery

September 15
14:08 2022
Having been working dedicatedly in antibody discovery for over a decade, Creative Biolabs has expanded its service scope to small molecule hapten antibodies, offering professional solutions including small molecule hapten design & synthesis.

New York, USA – September 13, 2022 – A hapten has a molecular weight of less than 2 to 5 kDa, which can bind to a particular antibody but lacks antigenicity on its own inherently. Hence, the special properties of haptens make them ideal tools for immunology studies. Creative Biolabs has expertise in antibody and antigen discovery and launched a sector serving exclusively for projects involving small-molecule hapten covering hapten design, hapten-carrier conjugation, and anti-hapten antibody production.

Small-molecule hapten design and synthesis should be versatile and flexible,” according to a specialist at Creative Biolabs, “as there are many factors that can shape the result, including conjugation sites, the length of handles, and hapten sizes. And that is what Creative Biolabs is really proficient at.”

Creative Biolabs has streamlined hapten compound design services that basically follow developmental processes as below:

* Hapten design and modification

* Hapten synthesis

* Hapten conjugation

* Hapten purification and identification

“Since the launching of this sector, we’ve received countless inquiries,” added the specialist, “and the mainstreams involve peptide antibiotics, or antimicrobial peptides, β-agonists, and heavy metals.”

Peptide Antibiotic (PT) Hapten Design and Synthesis

Developing optimal anti-hapten antibodies matters a lot for PT residue detection and novel detection kit development against peptide antibiotics, which largely depends on the choice of carrier protein conjugation sites. By taking full consideration of hapten’s special attributes, Creative Biolabs provides hapten design services that ensure the outcome maintains its original structure and can be exposed on the surface of the carrier protein to the greatest extent.

β-agonist Hapten Design and Synthesis

“We developed a platform for β-agonist hapten design and assessment,” commented the specialist, “which is embedded with diverse and efficient protocols and allowed for hapten optimization operations. We’ve successfully produced class-specific β-agonist haptens and compound-specific β-agonist haptens, which can contribute to research projects concerning respiratory diseases and growth promoters in animal food products.”

Heavy Metal Hapten Design and Synthesis

Solutions to design heavy metal haptens for studies involving metal ion detection in environmental and food samples can be fetched at Creative Biolabs as well. Utilizing chelators such as EDTA and DTPA and carrier proteins like KLH and BSA, Creative Biolabs enables the design and synthesis of haptens for lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, and copper.

“We’re stretching our service scope,” added the specialist, “as the applications of small haptens are extending.”

Take a look at https://small-molecule-antibody.creative-biolabs.com to learn more about Creative Biolabs’ hapten design solutions.


Creative Biolabs has become a leader in small molecule antibody development and manufacturing, providing high-quality services supported by cutting-edge hapten design and hybridoma development platforms.

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