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MetaSocial uses technology to connect the world

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MetaSocial uses technology to connect the world

April 26
04:57 2022

The explosion of the metaverse concept following the NFT wave has attracted the world’s attention, although the existing conditions are not yet sufficient to support a perfect integration of the virtual and physical worlds. However, the value of SocialFi began to emerge during the development of the metaverse.

SocialFi is defined as social finance, and as the name suggests, SocialFi is a combination of Social and Finance. socialFi is an attempt to DeFi the social economy, where issuers benefit from a direct connection with participants through social tokens. We, the general public, can benefit from the financialisation and pass-through of our social influence.

At a time when facebook has changed its name to meta and meta-universe is on the rise, MetaSocial was born to create a meta-universe social universe that will connect the world with technology.


The metaverse is a new world brought about by the Big Bang era of technology, and the digitisation of the real world will be greatly accelerated in the next decade, and the migration of humans to the metaverse will be greatly accelerated. Moreover, blockchain technology has bridged the gap between the virtual world and reality, turning the “metaverse” from a virtual world into a real “parallel universe”.

MetaSocial creates a Web3.0 privacy social + NFT metaverse platform with a decentralized metaverse social platform as its core, combining NFT and social, providing users with a secure chat privacy environment as well as offering NFT creation, incubation and trading services. The MetaSocial decentralised social platform allows users’ assets to be issued as NFTs and combined with DeFi to create more benefits for users, ultimately forming a free and earn-while-playing ecosystem. The wonders of the universe.


SocialFi is the core service of MetaSocial. There are various social applications on the MetaSocial platform, such as dating, chat, live streaming, community, games and more. The biggest difference from traditional social networking is that the games on the MetaSocial platform are all integrated with SocialFi, allowing you to earn while you play, which is not possible with traditional social networking.

MetaSocial has also set up a global NFT track, which will present a wide range of works by global entertainment stars and art masters to a global audience without any reservations.

In the future, the popularity of the meta-universe will promote the accelerated and deep integration of the real economy and the digital economy, and the technical value of blockchain will gradually emerge in this process, which will bring new business models and reconfigure distribution models, market structures, organizational forms and industrial relationships. In the future, MetaSocial will establish a developer community based on the principle of openness, allowing more users and enterprises to participate in In the future, MetaSocial will build a developer community based on the principle of openness, and allow more users and enterprises to participate in the construction of the MetaSocial ecology.

In the long run, the role of MetaSocial lies in the entire industry chain, which will eventually open up the pathway between the meta-universe – blockchain technology – the real world, truly realizing the core role of blockchain technology in re-architecting the organization and value distribution, providing a safe, convenient and interesting decentralized social meta-universe for global It will provide users with a safe, convenient and interesting decentralized social meta-universe, and drive humanity towards a new era of digital civilization.

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