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Things to Check Before An Exciting RV Travel

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Things to Check Before An Exciting RV Travel

April 20
00:20 2022

Taking a road trip to an exciting new destination is always fun. And while it would be great to hop in the RV and go, it isn’t that simple. One of the most important aspects of taking a trip is checking that everything is as it should be before hitting the road. Not only does this ensure a smooth, hassle-free journey, but it keeps passengers safe and prevents problems from occurring along the way.

So, let’s dive in and take a look at what Black Series recommends checking before heading off in a camper trailer!

Tip One: Exterior Checks

Before setting out, there are a few exterior aspects of the overland trailer that travelers should always check. Doing so ensures a safe and easy journey. So, let’s review what external components need looking into:

The Hitch

Ensure that the hitch is correctly attached to the vehicle towing the offroad trailer. An incorrectly hitched RV could lead to a severe accident or damage the car. Another aspect to check here is that the brake lights on the RV work and come on when the brakes of the car are pushed. Additionally, check the hitch has all the relevant bolts and that it doesn’t appear damaged.


Check each tire on the off road camper trailer thoroughly. Look for any objects stuck in the tires like thorns, glass, nails, or screws. If any of the tires have things stuck in them, have the tire fixed or replaced before going on the trip. Also, ensure that the pressure of each tire is at the correct level and have them pumped up before heading out. Further, ensure that the tread of each tire is of the proper depth – balding tires offer less traction, which can be problematic when overlanding or traveling on wet or muddy roads. 

Propane & Water

Double-check the water tanks are clean and that the relevant tanks are stocked with fresh water. Additionally, ensure the propane tanks are secure and that they are full. Then, make sure that neither the water tanks nor the propane tanks have any leaks and that the relevant valves function correctly. Finally, ensure the hoses leading from these tanks are not brittle or cracking and have no leaks. If needed, replace the older ones.

Awnings and Lights

Open up the external awning and check that it extends correctly and is undamaged. Clear off debris, dirt, insect nests, or insects like spiders or wasps. Then check that all the exterior lighting works properly.

Under the Overland Trailer

Take a look under the RV to ensure there are no loose cables, leaks, or elements dragging on the ground. If something seems amiss, have it checked before leaving on the road trip.

Tip Two: Power Checks

When traveling off the grid in Black Series travel trailers, users rely on the power generated by the RV. As a result, checking the power supply before setting out n the road is always best practice.

So, take a look at the solar panels and ensure each is clean, securely attached, undamaged, and correctly connected to the relevant outlets.

Then, ensure the batteries work and are adequately secured and fully charged.

Next, check to see that the inverter functions correctly and is properly connected to all the right elements.

Finally, ensure that the system works as a whole and there are no faults or missing elements. Also, make sure a fire-safety kit is onboard.

Tip Three: Interior Checks

Checking the interior of off grid trailers is just as essential as giving the exterior a once-over. Take a look below for some elements inside an RV travelers should always look over before taking a trip.


There is nothing worse than parking the camper trailer in a tranquil spot in the middle of nowhere only to find that all the food in the fridge has gone off because the refrigerator has stopped working or that the propane stovetop no longer works or that the air conditioner drips. For this reason, it is vital to check each appliance before leaving. Turn each one on and run it for a while to see if any problems arise. Likewise, ensure the air-conditioner is gassed correctly and that the thermostat on the furnace functions correctly.

Taps, Shower, and Toilet

Test out the faucets to ensure there are no leaks or drips and that the water comes through without hassle. Further, ensure the toilet flushes correctly and that there are no blockages in any pipes leading to or from the relevant tanks. 

Windows and Cabinets

Before leaving, ensure the windows are securely fastened and that each opens and closes easily. Also, secure all cabinets and drawers are sealed to prevent anything falling from them and breaking while the trailer is in motion. 


When packing the overland trailer, secure any loose objects to stop them from shifting on the drive. Doing this prevents breakages and damage to the interior of the RV.


Take a moment to give the interior of the RV a good clean before setting out. Ensure there is sufficient toilet paper and cleaning detergent and that the bedding is fresh. Clear out any dust and restock the fridge and pantry.

Tip Four: Additional Checks

Now that the offroad trailer is in order, there are a few other important checks to do:

Fuel and Tires

Make sure the vehicle towing the RV has a full tank of fuel. Also, make certain the car’s tires are correctly inflated and are in good working order.

Plot The Route

Map out the journey and download the relevant maps. Ensure that the GPS works correctly and already has the route saved. Also, take note of gas stations located along the way and share the itinerary with a friend or family member staying back home.


Pack lightly, and don’t overload the RV. Vehicles become difficult to stop or maneuver when they’re overloaded, incorrectly packed, or top-heavy. So, take the time to securely pack any items on the Black Series travel trailer to prevent any mishaps.

By following these easy tips, adventurers can embark on exciting and memorable road trips in their Black Series travel trailers.

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