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Crypto Investors are Trying to Buy a Private Island and Tokenize Its Ownership

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Crypto Investors are Trying to Buy a Private Island and Tokenize Its Ownership

December 09
12:29 2021
The goal of the crypto island DAO crowdfunding is to purchase, as a first option, Little Whale Cay in the Berry Islands. With an asking price of $35 million USD the island is set upon 93-acres of land which creates many possibilities for the investors of this island.

This DAO Is A Chance To Become A Co-Owner Of The Private Island In The Bahamas And Becomes A Part Of Crypto Island Family.

What Is The Crypto Island DAO?

Crypto Island DAO is launched in the form of 10,000,000.00 (Ten Million) tokens giving access to one governance token for every $10 contribution and bronze membership in within the private island community. The name of the token will be revealed soon and the more tokens an individual hold the bigger the influence he will have inside this DAO, when it’s come to the decisions making process. 

When a participant contributes to this DAO with $750 USD or more, he will be upgraded to a silver membership from a bronze membership. This means that the contributor will have the same voting rights as the biggest investors in $CISLA Crypto Island currency. The currency ($CISLA) will fund the development, sustainability and also an affordable way of life for the people visiting and living on Crypto Island. By joining the DAO, the investors will immediately gain entitlement to extra voting rights on further developments, proposals and decision making within the CRYPTO ISLAND project. 

Thanks to the innovative structure of the Crypto Island DAO and the power of crypto crowdfunding, it may become reality that the investors co-own an island in the Bahamas by using tokenized ownership. This unique way of ownership has never been used on such a large scale which makes the project very attractive to a lot of investors in the crypto world. As the contribution to crowdfunding is affordable, all participants can easily hold at least 1 token from the DAO. 

The first island will solely be owned by all the participants of the Crypto Island Group, which means all the holders of DAO governance token and all the holders of $CISLA Crypto Island currency.

Crypto Island has now over 22,000 members and many expect this number to multiply in the coming months.  

Members of the Crypto Island DAO community are eager to kick off life in Little Whale Cay. According to its Dutch founders, led by the CEO DAN BOUWER, the crypto-driven island will be nothing like the world has ever seen. It will provide various opportunities for its members to learn, work and enjoy life. Little Whale Cay will be run from the transaction fees that Crypto Island DAO charges on its own currency, Cisla. It is said that the co-owners will be at liberty to visit the island and stay via time sharing. 

Cryptocurrency is currently metamorphosing into one of the most exciting tech breakthroughs since the internet was invented. Crypto Island DAO is taking strides into becoming one of the leaders in this new way of crowdfunding tokenisation of ownership (or tokenised ownership) thanks to the blockchain technology. Today the Crypto Island project has come up with the biggest challenge to start a social organization where its community can organize themselves on a Private Island. 

Just like Little Whale Cay, members of the community will benefit immensely from sticking around and taking action where necessary. 

After the enormous success constitution DAO had, it’s clear that people are able with blockchain technology to organise themselves when it comes to important matters or life changing perspectives. Cryptoislanders believe as community, when individuals come together as one with the same goal, can push the boundaries. Crypto Island DAO crowdfunding has to show the world that decentralisation as a new way of living is not just an utopia but something accessible to all communities. 

Even if the constitution was unable to win the auction, it was still a success because over 40 million people came together and attempted to buy a page of the American constitution from an auction. Let’s make the history together and participate in the coming DAO to make part of the world a better place to be because we must begin somewhere. 

Without a doubt, the public will be on the lookout for when Little Whale Cay launches officially.

Get ready to Influence Crypto Island’s future by taking part in this DAO and becoming one of Crypto Island ‘s decision-making members by helping to govern Crypto Island. To Learn more about Crypto Island’s DAO and to be notified before the launch, visit Https://dao.cryptoisland.com

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